Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 Year End Review

2020...What A Crap Show

This year sucked in about every way it could have it suck.  From Murder Hornets to Covid-19, this year just straight up blew.  Photography wise, I could probably say the same thing.  I did get a chance to see some things, but mostly before the lockdown.  I got to see eagles released for the first time; however that was a fail also since they opened the crate the wrong way and I was unable to get the shot I really wanted.  After lockdown I made a few trips and those were landscape in nature only.  It usually was so early in the morning so everyone was still sleeping or not thinking to go out.  I usually had any place I wanted completely to myself which not is only nice photographically, but also for the mind as listening to nature is so soothing.  I dabbled in people photos this year too, which was a strange change given the restrictions and mask wearing.  Astrophotography wise, it was a really good year for astronomical events.  We had the Neowise comet which was a spectacular sight.  There were a couple very active meteor showers.  I only participated in a couple as cloudy skies ruined a couple of them and most were shot from the back yard.  The Gemini shower earlier this month was a spectacular sight.  Only problem was the focal point was over the house and it was tough to shoot.  I did see three super bright meteors with my own eyes and stupid me happened to be checking settings on my camera every time, so I only caught one later in the night.  We had a lunar eclipse, but again, clouds.  The convergence of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st was the crown jewel this year for me.  That was a fun and amazing sight to see.  There happened to be a meteor shower that night as well, but again, I only saw them with my eyes and nothing on camera to show for it.  

Okay, enough of the blabbering, here are some shots from this year that I feel happy to share.  

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