Saturday, June 17, 2017

TWIP Sunset and God

I do love a good sunset.  Over the last week we have had a couple.  Being a busy dad, there hasn't been much opportunity to get out and shoot a sunset especially this summer with it running into the evening ours and night time routines.  Plus the NBA finals are on, so spending time with my sports loving son is much more important.  

Earlier last week, there was a doozy of a sunset coming our way and I thought it best to make an attempt to photograph it.  It was after all something I really enjoy, even if it is for 10 minutes.  

I stopped by a church in as I thought it would make a great backdrop for the sunset and started snapping away.  Having forgot my tripod, I had to work on my steadiness to make an HDR of this evening.  Filters were not available, so I was just working with the bare lens.  I shot a couple set of HDR with the Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 and then another set with the Canon 17-40mm f/4L just to get a little variety. 

Here are my two final images after running the 5 shot exposures through the now dead in the water Nik filters.  Hopefully I am still able to use these after the recent announcement by Google that they were no longer updating or supporting the filters that are so very popular amount the photography enthusiast.  

Top photo is taken with the Rokinon, bottom with the Canon.  As always, click on the photo to get a larger version.

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