Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Platte River Falls Take 2

My youngest and I visited Platte River State Park earlier in the month.  My two older boys were feeling left out as they had never viewed a real water fall either.  On our trip, I was planning on photographing them with the falls in the background so they would have something to remember.  I snapped a couple shots of the falls from the top before heading toward the lower falls.  Our trip was abruptly halted at the sight of a mysterious dead squirrel that appeared along the walking trail.  They got their fright a little earlier that planned.  After all, it was Halloween.

I had it suggested that I try to focus a little closer on the falls to get some of the intricate details.  Even though there were beautiful fall leaves all over the ground, I believe a turn to black and white brings this photo to a whole other level.

Here is another shot of the little falls that lead up to the larger.

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